Thanks to solid scientific training and good contacts with universities and research institutes, Guenther Bionics® is an effective partner in the realization of research & development projects. The range includes engineering services, design and implementation of scientific studies and participation in externally funded consortia.


Guenther Bionics® helps you design and implement your ideas. In the field of prototyping, we utilize advanced manufacturing methods, in order to realize visual models and functional prototypes for your application. The multitude of available materials includes plastics, metals, prepreg carbon, and silicone.

Graphics and Animations

Guenther Bionics® offers professionally designed graphics and animations that add value to your brochures, presentations, training materials, advertising items and the like.

  • Partne, Forschung, Entwicklung, wissenschaft, Ausbildung, Universit├Ąt,Forschungsinstitut, Ingenieur, Dienstleistungen
  • Konstruktion, Umsetzung, Evaluation, Prototyp, Serie, Herstellung, Fuss, Bein, Prothesen
  • Animation, Grafik, Visualisierung, medizin, medizinisch-analytischen, analytisch, 2D/3D-Tracking, Kinematic
  • Konzeption, Idee, Konstruktion, Prototyp, Realisierung, 3D-Druck, Herstellung, Serie, Produktion, Entwicklung
  • Konstruktion, Technisch, Zeichnung, Prototypen, Herstellung, Umsetzung, Materialien, Finite Elemente

For the realization of these visuals we use state of the art techniques and procedures from the medical-analytical sector, as well as from the visual effects field of the entertainment and commercial film industry. In addition to the use of up-to-date inverse and forward kinematics systems, current 3D software, and 2D/3D-tracking-algorithms, such as motion capture, several digital artists and 3D animators are available at Guenther Bionics, enabling quick and accurate animation and presentation even if situations are not obvious or easily traceable. Timing constraints, anatomical and medical foundations are under constant surveillance of the orthopedic surgeons and doctors who lead the communication between you and the digital artist.

Guenther Bionics® attaches great importance to the accuracy of our illustrations, as well as to the visually perfect and aesthetic presentation of your unique content..