Hand orthotics made of silicone

Thumb abduction & forearm orthoses are used primarily in the stabilization of the thumb base and saddle joints and to improve the gripping and holding function.
The design is tailored to individually for each patient following customer’s specifications. The material used is medical grade silicone, which can be cleaned easily and conveniently and which is permanently dimensionally stable. During the fabrication process volar reinforcements with different shore hardnesses, colors and hook-and loop closures can be implemented.

Servicefertigung Handorthesen


  • Spasticity (ICP)
  • flaccid paralysis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Cosmetically inconspicuous treatment of mild Thumb in Palm deformity


  • Hook-and-loop strap system with or without a guide loop
  • Optional: glide function zones by textile coating
  • Optional: non-stick coating