Toe prosthesis in SilPreg® technology

This system is used in the prosthetic care of toe amputation. It is characterized by an excellent skin compatibility and high flexibility, made ​​possible by the use of modern materials.

The design is tailored for each individual patient case. Made from medical grade silicone, it can be simply and easily cleaned and retains its shape. Reinforcements, gel padding and zones of different Shore hardness can be implemented during production. Different color variations are possible to create a detailed replica of the toe.

Servicefertigung Zehenprothese


  • Very good options for complicated scars conditions
  • Improved hygienic properties and good disinfectability
  • Individual bedding options for pressure-sensitive limb regions
  • Well suited for skin allergies and sensitive skin
  • Effective relief of bony prominences
  • Silicone socket remains permanently dimensionally stable and not susceptible to odors
  • Very good adhesion properties

Suitable for K levels 2-4 for everyday prostheses, sports prostheses and bath prostheses.


  • Individual gel pads implementable throughout the socket area
  • Optional: Acrylic nails or silicone nails
  • Optional: basic or classic version
  • Optional: individual color determination for different foot regions
  • Optional: nonstick coating