Hip prosthesis socket in SilPreg® technology

System for use in hip disarticulation prosthetics. The advantages of modern materials combine the excellent rigidity of the carbon hip basket with the high comfort and ease of use of the flexible silicone inner socket. Different designs are possible, to assure a solution tailored to you and your individual patients needs. The medical grade silicone can be cleaned easily and comfortably, and it permanently retains its dimensional stability and elasticity.

Typical customizations include selective structural reinforcements, embedded gel cushions, material hardness gradations, color options, and adapter options.

Servicefertigung Hueftprothesenschaft


  • Very good fitting opportunities for hip dislocation and ultra-short trans-femoral amputations
  • Excellent hygienic properties and ease of use
  • Comprehensive options for embedding of pressure-sensitive regions and bony structures
  • Very good material compatibility even with allergies and sensitive or irritated skin
  • Stable pelvis containment and prosthetic suspension, while relieving pressure on sensitive bony structures
  • Hygienic and mechanical properties of the silicone inner socket for sustainable fitting quality
  • Very good adhesion of the material for optimum prosthetic suspension and control.

Suitable for K levels 2-4 for everyday prostheses, sports prostheses and bath prostheses.


  • Individual gel pads implementable throughout the socket area
  • Individualized reinforcements throughout the socket area
  • Optional: individual colors by RAL specification
  • Optional: nonstick coating