The production of epitheses requires particularly high levels of expertise, because these customized creations are mostly worn visibly. Therefore, it is the goal to adapt the artificial limb as faithfully as possible to the body. The individual skin type, hair, as well as veins must be considered within the multistep process to the finished product. The used material is medical grade silicone, which retains its shape and can be easily and conveniently cleaned. Reinforcements, gel pads and zones of different Shore hardness can be incorporated during manufacturing.

Servicefertigung Handepithesen Fingerepithesen


  • Very good fitting options for complicated scar patterns
  • Improved hygienic properties and good disinfectability
  • Individual bedding options for pressure sensitive residuals
  • Very good compatibility with sensitive and allergic skin
  • Permanently dimensionally stable and not susceptible to odors
  • Very good adhesion


  • Individual gel pads implementable in the entire area of the residual
  • Acrylic nail or silicone nail
  • Basic or Classic
  • individual color determination for different areas
  • non-stick coating