The SilPreg® procedure is applied in individual prosthetic and orthotic fittings for patients. In both areas, products for the upper and lower extremity can be fabricated under consideration of the respective specific requirements. Variants are countless as the technology can be applied to almost any individually fitting concept. The variance begins in determining the material strength of the medical silicone. Here the same product can be modified to different stiffness levels. In a fore arm orthosis, for example, it is possible to limit or stabilize motion in one direction of movement while allowing or even supporting motion in the other direction. This is not possible with conventionally fitted or industrially produced braces. With SilPreg®, the perfect fit and the individually optimized complex design assure a very high level of therapeutic success.

In prosthetic fittings, the medical silicone can help compensate irregularly shaped residual limbs, bony prominences, scars, and limb volume fluctuations, thus allowing a uniform pressure distribution. Here as well, it is possible to individually adjust different material strengths and thus provide a very high level of comfort at different loading stages.