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Prosthesis foot based on three spring elements
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Milwaukee TF Socket®

A product by Guenther Bionics research and development

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Information for Patients

A list of certified technicians can be found under “providers” on the MWK socket website or by contacting us directly, either by e-mail to or a call to +49 (0) 39349 959615. 

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Technikerinformationen für den MWK Schaft

Information for Practitioners

The prescription and invoicing of Milwaukee TF sockets® is limited exclusively to certified prosthetists. Non-certified technicians or companies may carry out individual patient fittings in collaboration with the Guenther Bionics®.

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MWK Schaft Informatonen für Krankenkassen

Information for Insurance providers

The prescription and invoicing of Milwaukee TF sockets® is limited exclusively to certified prosthetists. A list of certified prosthetists can be conveniently retrieved via email to

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Research & Development

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If your customers are satisfied, you are satisfied.


Partial foot prosthesis


Hand orthotics

Oberschenkelschaft HTV

HTV Sockets


Toe prosthesis


Hip prosthesis socket

Badeschaft Definitivschaft

Swim prosthesis socket


Foot orthosis

Hand Finger Epithese



We are Guenther Bionics®

Behind Guenther Bionics® are specialists in various disciplines who have dedicated themselves to the goal of advancing new ideas. In terms of technology, research, design, marketing and profitability the prosthetics and orthotics profession is often not up to par with other industries. This realization is the motivation for Guenther Bionics® highly qualified orthotists, prosthetists, engineers, doctors and scientists to develop innovative solutions for the future of orthopedic technology.

Preparing the Future. Our philosophy follows the maxim to improve the quality of life of your patients. Because we know that only if your clients are satisfied, you are satisfied. In this interest, we focus on an optimal communication that ensures that we offer the best possible products and services. Use our innovative interdisciplinary team to your advantage!

SilPreg® technology

A production process for high quality devices from PrePreg Carbon and Silicon.

131015 Draft EN

A process for the production of high-quality components from PrePreg carbon and silicone materials, specially developed for our industry, SilPreg is a lamination method, based on a finely tuned combination of negative and positive pressure, which allows the realization of highly stable and at the same time very light carbon components for prosthetics and orthotics. The use of silicone materials for contact surfaces guarantees excellent skin compatibility, hygienic safety, and superior comfort. This technology enables outstanding individual patient fitting with significant advantages over conventional manufacturing processes.

Areas of application


Prosthetics - Prepreg technology - Silicon technology – Supplies

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